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10th Jan 2014 ~ Yes, it’s TGIF! ~

10th Jan 2014

~ Good morning everyone ~

Yesterday was rather hectic - running around all day, as next week I have to pop over to India for a few days - so, I hope you didn’t miss me too much ;-)

Yes, today is TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Friday), so I hope you can make it through your day smoothly in-preparation for a lovely weekend.

~ Keep warm and have a fantastic Friday ~

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3rd Jan 2014 ~ Peaceful Start ~

3rd Jan 2014

Here’s wishing you a ‘Peaceful Start’ to another wonderful day.

How have you started your 2014? Have you made any changes to improve yourself; your thoughts, your looks, your fitness, your finances, your mind, your positiveness ~ I could go on forever as you can see ~ the reason is, because I have made several changes for myself that I want to share, as they will hopefully be an influence to aid you, too...

The biggest ones are organising my time and actions to improve myself, so I can help others;

* I wake up an hour earlier and exercise every morning.
* I make a good breakfast.
* I meditate for 20 minutes.
* I make a brief visit to a local Shrine.


What are you doing to help you ... ??

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12-27-13 Keep going

Just a little reminder for you --> KEEP ON GOING...!

Even when you don’t feel like sitting down to practise your English for an hour ~ that’s OK ~ every little bit that you do helps improve your abilities.

Whether that is listening to the BBC news, watching a movie, writing your diary, listening to your favourite speaker or singing a song (all in English of course!), those little bits everyday will add up and up and up ~

Don’t ever quit, KEEP ON GOING...!


12-16-13 Asakusa

12-16-13 Asakusa 2

Have you ever heard of that phrase? “Business before pleasure.” It means you should get your work done before you ‘play’ or ‘go out to play’.

Looking at these and other photos I took today, gives you the impression that I was doing things the wrong way round ~ but no ~ that is definitely not the case! Read on ...

We were actually at a special Shrine in Asakusa that is related to ‘business’ - preparing for a business trip to India is the reason why we went there. Then after the ‘work’ was done, we decided to visit the famous Shrine in Asakusa, as you can see. However, it was definitely “business before pleasure”, so we were safe.

Here is a great phrase to learn and use:

Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself.

~ Henry Ward Beecher ~

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11-25-13 Power

As it is Sunday, I’m making today’s list a little short, so you can hopefully have a restful day. The words are written in a way to help with the correct pronunciation ~ remember them and do use them . . .

1. Experts -> ‘Expert’ is defined as someone who has advanced knowledge or skill in a particular area.

When it comes to the subject of history, a history teacher is an example of an expert.

The definition of expert is someone who is very skilful or has advanced training and knowledge in a particular area or field.

An example of someone who would be described as an expert is an Olympic athlete, who could be described as an expert in his or her sport.

2. Audacious -> The definition of ‘audacious’ is bold, daring or fearless.

Wearing a very low cut dress to a conservative event is an example of audacious.
A shy housewife travelling to a war torn country alone is an example of an audacious act.

3. Modern -> ‘Modern’ is having to do with the current time.

An example of modern used as an adjective is a modern oven that has current features and technology.

Modern is also defined as a style of art, design, or fashion that is very different from past styles.

An example of modern used as an adjective is the modern home design of a concrete home.

4. Popular -> The definition of ‘popular’ is widely liked or well known.

An example of something popular is cookie dough ice cream.

5. Beginner’s luck -> ‘Beginner’s luck’ is good fortune in a first attempt or effort, as in I often use a brand-new recipe for a dinner party; I trust beginner's luck.

6. Guide -> The definition of a 'guide' is someone or something that instructs others or shows others the way.

An example of a guide is someone who leads you on a hike.
An example of a guide is a book that teaches you how to use a new computer software program.

To guide is defined as to show or direct someone in how to do something.

An example of guide is when you lead people on a hike and show them where to go.

7. Spectacular -> The definition of 'spectacular' is something noticeable or dramatic, especially when something is notable because it is so beautiful.

An example of something that would be described as spectacular is a large, gorgeous and eye-catching diamond ring.

8. Splendid -> The definition of 'splendid' is gorgeous or wonderful.

An example of splendid is a magnificent wedding celebration.


All the words I have shown you this week, USE THEM ~ don’t just read them and forget them, use them in your conversations and in your writing of stories or letters to people ~ everyone will be really amazed out how your level has GONE UP SO MUCH...!!

See you all next week for another theme ...

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