Let's enjoy English!


Well, it is actually 'Good Afternoon' by now, so perhaps a friendly "Hello" is more
I have just returned from seeing a friend staying in Miami on 'South Beach' ~ we had
a ball on A1a (the beach road); good food, great live music and the joyous atmosphere
that you can only find in south Miami -> wish you were there too, as I am sure
you would have enjoyed it just as much!

Yes, I am all for using 'proper' English and the 'finess' of high-level British English for work and business situations etc., and encouraging people to visit the lovely
countryside of England, however if you like to travel and 'hangout', then do make plans to visit South Beach, as well...
Have a terrific rest of your Thursday ~

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おはよございます 〜 今日はおもしろい話です

It's the Battle of the Breakfasts and Pronunciation story ~ History lesson ;-)

Well, it all began long, long ago when the Brits came to America in the early 1600s and forced them to suffer with the 'British Food' - ha ha - I'm just kidding.
I am not exactly sure what people ate back then (they certainly didn't have
'Kellogg's Corn Flakes' yet) but the 'traditional English breakfast' is definitely
a fuller-version of its American counterpart.
You will find a cereal (or oatmeal variety), usually eggs (whether scrambled, fried,
boiled, poached etc.), perhaps some other kind of protein (fish or meat),
a bit of fruit (not much), may be some yoghurt, very few vegetables
(tomatoes - pronounced 'tomaatoes' or 'tomeitoes', whether you are English or
American), perhaps a few mushrooms but that's about it (unless you are making
an omelette with left-over vegetables) --> I have only ever seen a 'salad' at breakfast time when having a Japanese western-style breakfast イギリスとアメリカではそんものは出ない!(I like the idea, for health-reasons but you will won't normally see that in England or America).

Breakfasts are usually colourful to the eye (spelt the right way, not 'colorful' -
ha ha) and nutritious, making a good start to your day. So let's grab a nice breakfast
and have a wonderful Wednesday ...

Cheerio ~

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皆さんおはよございます 〜

My tummy is rumbling and I am feeling rather peckish -> are you hungry too?
May be because I was up early exercising this morning - what do you do before going to
work? - or may be it is just one-of-those-days ~ you know when you are hungry and
you just keep on eating and eating all day but never seem to get full.

Well anyway, I was reading-up about "food in the UK" - ahhhh, may be that is what has
triggered these 'hungry' thoughts --> do you know what the most popular food in England is these days? No, it isn't Roast Beef & Yorkshire pudding and nope,
it is not Sheppard's Pie or Fish 'n Chips => drumroll please ......

Yes, the good old Indian Curry is The Most Popular Food in England right now.
I wonder if India's favourite it Bangers 'n Mash ~ I doubt it but one never knows...

Have a yummy day ~

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Top of the morning to you :-)

Let's learn about a phrase with two very different meanings ...

It is time to grab your favourite UK newspaper and flip through the pages while sipping on some lovely tea ~ I prefer Earl Grey but am open to a 'nice cuppa tea' of any sorts
at any time of the day.
So what is your choice of newspaper?
Do you like The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail or talking
about papers 'what is your cuppa tea' (also meaning 'favourite')?

Have a marvellous day ~

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Good morning and I hope you are also enjoying a wonderful start to the day
with this bright blue sky and shining sun.
I actually went for a walk in the park with my dog, as the weather is so nice - not too hot and not too humid. Do you have any special things that you like to do early
in the morning when it is nice and quiet?
Yoga? Meditation? Go for a bike ride or go running?

The morning is an excellent time to be studying and practicing your English
(or other languages), as the mind is 'fresh' and not full of clutter from things that
may happen during the day. So do take advantage of this time and read a little, write
a little (my best poetry is done in the morning), speak a lot and be open to making
a few mistakes here and there ~ it's okay! We learn from these mistakes and that is one of the best ways we improve and keep on improving.
Go for it ~

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Blimey, it’s Saturday already

Where the heck did the week go?

If you haven’t figured it out yet from the above words, I am letting you have
your penny’s worth of British slang to think over this morning ~

Hiya ~ I hope you are hunky-dory today and going to have a smashing weekend. I’ve been busy of the bat, as a chum of mine asked for some help with a bunch of difficult stuff
but it was all a cinch for me and so we finished in a jiffy.
Any how, what ya doin’ tonight? Let’s goes knees up and have a jolly old time ~
you game?

Cheerio ~

PS: if you need a translation - ha ha - then let me know ~ tomorrow will be a little
more proper . . .

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I am very sure you all know the phrase "TGIF", especially as there are TGI-Friday
restaurants in Japan.
However, there are a quite a few different ways in which it is used ~
besides the "Thank God (Goodness) It's Friday", it also means "Toes Go In First", "That Girl Is Fine", "Tadpoles Grow Into Frogs" and more ~

Check out all 40 HERE

Have a great Friday everyone...

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A bright and wonderful morning to you :-) :-) :-)

Today I wanted to put out something that is very "contagious" and may cause you to have a day of HAPPY PEOPLE around - -> yes, it is that simple but so very rewarding "SMILE".

When someone writes the word "contagious", we usually think about people having
a 'cold' or the 'flu' or even something more severe like 'Chickenpox' but this thing
that we call a "Smile" is THE MOST contagious thing on the planet.
It doesn't matter how grumpy you are or how upset or angry or frustrated someone is, by simply looking at them and putting a nice 'grin' (smile) on your face, they also
instantly smile ~ how about that for being deadly-contagious => instant results!

So go about your day and tell me how many people you smiled at and how many smiled back at you. Even if you don't get as big as a smile back from someone, just by smiling at
them you probably made-their-day!
Smile a SMILE and be contagious . . .

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早いねえ 〜 すでに水曜日だあ〜!!

Can you believe it is Wednesday already ~ doesn't time fly by when you're having fun ;-)

So how about this then; when it gets to 3:00pm today, let's all have a nice English Tea Party with some Royal Milk Tea, some scones and clotted cream (this is a very thick and rich cream if you didn't know) with some homemade strawberry jam ~ now that
sounds yummy ~ and having it together with a bunch of friends is even better!

On your travels to Europe when you go to London, you definitely need to go to Harrods
or The Ritz and treat yourself to a very elegant and classy "Afternoon Tea" ~ this will make an everlasting memory to a wonderful trip.

Cheerio ~

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Good morning :-)

I always believe that it is very important to keep one's mind "open" and always be
learning and willing-to-learn - no matter how old we are. Smart people are never
the one that will tell someone they are smart. Keeping an open eye and an open mind to
learn is vital to keeping the mind growing -> don't just get through the day, "get from the day"!

I actually just learned something now ~ "Tuesday Morning" is the name of a store here
in the USA - with 850 outlets (I didn't know that) selling a variety of goods that are
no longer produced any more ~ we learn something everyday --> I wonder if there's
a "Wedneday" store out there?

Have a fabulous day and see you tomorrow ...

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Good morning everyone ~

I can't believe that we are at another Monday already --> boy, times flies quickly when you are having fun ;-)

Today I am wanting to share something simple and you will appreciate the results -
besides reading this to help improve your English knowledge - as it will make your day
pass smoothly and joyously;
SMILE at everyone and be extra HAPPY and COURTEOUS until 10:00am.
This start to your and their day will make a smooth-going for you for the whole day ~ try it out ...

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I wish you a very good morning and hope that you will make today a SPLENDID Sunday...!

Whether today is the end or beginning of your week, make it spectacular one,
make it full of super experiences that turn into special memories and make it
an overall great day, so you can look back when it is time to go to sleep and say
"Yes, today was a SPLENDID Sunday!"
Make it happen ...

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Good Morning -

- afternoon or evening, depending on when you are reading this ;-)

So, today is . . . (drumroll please ~ ~ ) --> SENSATIONAL Saturday!

The long (but it seemed short to me) week is over, today you can sleep a little longer
and get to do the errands (and fun things, too) that are hard to do during the week;
cleaning, shopping, going to the park, going to the beach, going to the ...
all of the things you like to do.
I am driving over the State (in Florida now) and going to Tampa ~
anyone want to come with me???

Hope you have a sensational day ~

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おはよございます :ー)

Yes, it is FANTASTIC Friday already!
For those lucky ones who have the weekend off, let's make it a smooth day and then get
ready for an exciting and funfilled weekend ~ what plans do you have?
Enjoy this fantastic Friday and I hope to see you soon . . .

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皆様おはよございます :ー)

We are now here and I hope you are having a TREMENDOUS Thursday
or will make it tremendous by giving your best effort, best smile,
your best you to everyone and everything, then you will end the day and look back
thinking; "Yes, I did have a TREMENDOUS Thursday".
Just 'going-that-little-extra' in your day, in your studies, in your practicing makes
for a great result!


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WONDERFUL Wednesday!

Wow, もお水曜日か?早いですね〜!
Some people say; "Ahh, it's still only Wednesday." But the happier people
(I hope that's YOU) look at things in a more 'positive way' and see
"Wonderful Wednesday" as being; "Wow, we're half way through the week already!
Time goes by so quickly ~ it will be the weekend soon :-))) "
I like that way of thinking and acting and sharing attitude much better - not just for
yourself but everyone around you, too.

So have a WONDERFUL day -> see you tomorrow . . .

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Good Morning!

Well, we have TERRIFIC Tuesday upon us now, so let's all make it a fabulous day with
lots of joy and laughter!
I look forward to hearing your "terrific" stories later ...

By the way, it is "CHUsday", so be careful as you might get some passers-by suddenly
wanting to give you a big hug and a kiss - ha ha - have a wonderful day ~

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