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A bright and wonderful morning to you :-) :-) :-)

Today I wanted to put out something that is very "contagious" and may cause you to have a day of HAPPY PEOPLE around - -> yes, it is that simple but so very rewarding "SMILE".

When someone writes the word "contagious", we usually think about people having
a 'cold' or the 'flu' or even something more severe like 'Chickenpox' but this thing
that we call a "Smile" is THE MOST contagious thing on the planet.
It doesn't matter how grumpy you are or how upset or angry or frustrated someone is, by simply looking at them and putting a nice 'grin' (smile) on your face, they also
instantly smile ~ how about that for being deadly-contagious => instant results!

So go about your day and tell me how many people you smiled at and how many smiled back at you. Even if you don't get as big as a smile back from someone, just by smiling at
them you probably made-their-day!
Smile a SMILE and be contagious . . .

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