Let's enjoy English!


Good morning and I hope you are also enjoying a wonderful start to the day
with this bright blue sky and shining sun.
I actually went for a walk in the park with my dog, as the weather is so nice - not too hot and not too humid. Do you have any special things that you like to do early
in the morning when it is nice and quiet?
Yoga? Meditation? Go for a bike ride or go running?

The morning is an excellent time to be studying and practicing your English
(or other languages), as the mind is 'fresh' and not full of clutter from things that
may happen during the day. So do take advantage of this time and read a little, write
a little (my best poetry is done in the morning), speak a lot and be open to making
a few mistakes here and there ~ it's okay! We learn from these mistakes and that is one of the best ways we improve and keep on improving.
Go for it ~

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Blimey, it’s Saturday already

Where the heck did the week go?

If you haven’t figured it out yet from the above words, I am letting you have
your penny’s worth of British slang to think over this morning ~

Hiya ~ I hope you are hunky-dory today and going to have a smashing weekend. I’ve been busy of the bat, as a chum of mine asked for some help with a bunch of difficult stuff
but it was all a cinch for me and so we finished in a jiffy.
Any how, what ya doin’ tonight? Let’s goes knees up and have a jolly old time ~
you game?

Cheerio ~

PS: if you need a translation - ha ha - then let me know ~ tomorrow will be a little
more proper . . .

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