Let's enjoy English!

皆さんおはよございます 〜

My tummy is rumbling and I am feeling rather peckish -> are you hungry too?
May be because I was up early exercising this morning - what do you do before going to
work? - or may be it is just one-of-those-days ~ you know when you are hungry and
you just keep on eating and eating all day but never seem to get full.

Well anyway, I was reading-up about "food in the UK" - ahhhh, may be that is what has
triggered these 'hungry' thoughts --> do you know what the most popular food in England is these days? No, it isn't Roast Beef & Yorkshire pudding and nope,
it is not Sheppard's Pie or Fish 'n Chips => drumroll please ......

Yes, the good old Indian Curry is The Most Popular Food in England right now.
I wonder if India's favourite it Bangers 'n Mash ~ I doubt it but one never knows...

Have a yummy day ~

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