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Okay ~ I had a few guesses of where I went; Hawaii and the Maldives were good tries and places that I do plan to go to one day ~ but unfortunately it wasn’t this time.

****” is only 3 hours away from Japan, going almost directly south - -> G U A M! But nobody got it right ~ I thought it would be an easy thing to get but I guess the photos of DFS and the beach and Micronesia Mall and Chamarro Village did not quite ‘click’ with you.

I will have to save my ‘give-away’/FREE lesson for next time . . .

For those of you who haven’t been to Guam yet ~ is there anyone out there (besides me ;-) ~ it is definitely a lovely spot for you to make a trip to -> so close to Japan, cheap to get there, gorgeous countryside (and beaches) and lovely people (great weather, too). I definitely recommend you put Guam on your “I am going to visit” list ~

Next time I head ‘down island’ I will put the word out, as may be you can join me for some fun ...

Cheerio for now ~

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