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Great Study Ideas That Really Help #6

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#6 Voice Projection Exercises

These will help with your speech, your singing and the overall way your voice comes out and is heard better. Read on ...

Breathing - When and How
Breathing properly ~ especially taking a few deep breaths before you begin speaking can also help relax you. This will automatically drop your pitch and reduce any signs of nervousness, such as voice tremors.

Of course, any program of self-improvement requires that you actually practice these exercises. They will feel odd at first - oh, all right, some of them will feel downright silly! They will however, in the long run, help you to improve your speaking voice.

Open your mouth wide, but keep the muscles around your mouth and jaw loose. This allows a richer, fuller tone. 

* Remember to take in all saliva so your mouth is empty and your voice comes out clearer.
* Articulate, using all the muscles in your tongue and all the muscles controlling your lips to shape the sounds. You don't want words to be slurred together.
* Sit or stand up straight with your chest held high. This is one of the most important things you can do. Make sure that your head is not sticking forward like an ostrich, but rather in line with your neck, back and tailbone, so that your airway is unhindered.

Breath support
The more air the better. Always take very deep breaths. You should feel your breath reach all the way into your lower back muscles and abs. Keep the muscles in your neck completely relaxed, and warm up before you try to give a speech. Many people overlook this, but the warmer and more stretched your vocal chords, the better sound you will produce.

When you need a clear voice, stay away from thick drinks such as milk and alcoholic drinks. Water is absolutely the best thing for your voice. If you ever have a presentation or meeting or speech coming up, drink plenty of water and nothing thick or alcoholic for three days in advance. And on the day of your event, drink nothing but water and plenty of it. Plus, keep a bottle with you at all times.

Don't just listen to the pros, use your eyes on live and televised performances ~ watch the way they use their lips to shape the sounds and words that they are saying.

If there is someone’s voice/tone/accent/pronunciation that you especially like, listen to it and repeat after them, listen and repeat, listen and repeat ... (you get my point of copying them until you start to sound that good/clear).

Despite popular belief, DO NOT add lemon to your water when you have to give a speech -> it dries out your voice, causing it to sound strained.

Tune-in tomorrow for #7...

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