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Acceptable Behaviours in England #4

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Proper Eating Manners

We all eat continental-style - with a fork in the left hand and a knife in the right (unless you're left-handed, of course ;-). Here are some pointers to our eating habits...

Table Manners
* Use cutlery to eat your meals.
* Keep your mouth closed when chewing.
* Finish one mouthful before starting the next.
* Never put your knife in your mouth, or lick your plate.
* Do not speak with your mouth full.
* Unless there is an imminent threat of the theft of your meal, take your time and enjoy it! You are not just filling up a hole. Overly bulging hamster-cheeks is rude and not attractive.
* Finish your mouthful before taking a drink.
* Never spit food out.
* Make time for family meals, the "family" is the building block of society, so eating together is fundamental.
* Break your bread into small pieces with your fingers and butter it one piece at a time, your butter knife will normally be on (or next to) your side plate. (The only time you should butter a piece of bread without breaking it is your toast at breakfast, as it will normally have been cut in half for you.)
* Do not scrape your plate with your cutlery.
* Never scoop food up with your fork - the tines should always point downwards.
* When only a little soup is remaining, tilt the bowl away from you to enable you to finish it - move your soup spoon from 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock and spoon-up the soup.
* Ask “May I get down please” if you’d like to leave the table early.

See more about the English Eating Etiquette here

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