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Where Have You Been? 6 ~ Caribbean

Carib 1

This time we are going across the ocean and heading towards the Caribbean...
Carib 2

The northern islands are lovely - don’t get me wrong - but I personally prefer the incredible views, fantastic diving and fabulous people in the southern islands; Martinque, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada were all amazing!
Carib 4

One time we stayed in Dr. Doolittle’s Bay (where they filmed the original movie) and another time while walking to the beach, I remember being told to stop for a second as a plane was landing (a small 20-seater), so we had to wait before we could cross the runway and go to the beach.

These and other special experiences make any trip to the Caribbean such a wonderful memory. This is another DEFINITE “I Wanna Go Here” places to add to your list ~

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