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Where Have You Been? 7 ~ let’s go to England...

England 1

It is the last day of this week’s “Where Have You Been?” theme, so I think we should make a trip to the good olde country of England ~ especially as that is where I am from, right!?!

No, “霧深のロンドン” does not exist! That is the same as saying “Foggy Tokyo”. Yes, on the outskirts of Tokyo or London near ‘open land’, on occasion you may see bit of fog (on a cold and cloudy morning ~ once in a blue moon) but not everyday, and definitely not in the downtown areas!

Also, the ‘rumour’ that is it always cloudy or raining is not true, either. England is an island (like Japan), so there will be sunny days, cloudy days and days of mixed weather ~ that’s normal.

All right, now let’s get down to business, as such ...

The English countryside is fabulous - just go to the Cotswolds, the Lake District, Bath, Edinburgh, London (Tower of London, London Eye, Movie Tours - see where ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Atonement’ and ‘Notting Hill’ were made), Stonehenge, Chatsworth House, York Minster, Devon and Cornwall, Cambridge, Salisbury Cathedral, Whitby . . .
Whitby 2
England 2

There are just waaaaaaay too many places to list and suggest that you go to and see and experience wondrous England ~ have a fantastic time . . .

See more on my Blog “FANTASTIC Off The Beaten Track Travel Spots” 1~7;

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