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頻繁に使用される英国句 ~ Useful English phrases to know and use ~ “BEING SURE / CERTAIN”

10-13-13 Sure

Being sure / certain

Sometimes we know that we are right about something. When we feel confident of our facts, we show other people how certain we are by using one of the following ten phrases...

Ten Expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing
1) I'm quite sure...
2) I'm absolutely positive...
3) I'm fairly / quite certain...
4) It must be right.
5) I know...
6) It's definitely...
7) You can be sure...
8) I've no doubt at all that...
9) I'm a hundred percent certain that...
10 I'm (utterly) convinced...

How To Use These Phrases In Your English
1) All phrases are followed by a sentence or clause.
2) Phrases 1, 2, and 3 are very strong and show that you really are certain.
3) Phrase 4 is a little less strong than the others. There is just a little doubt in the speaker's mind.
4) Phrases 7 and 8 are used especially for reassuring other people who don't believe.
5) Phrases 9 and 10 are saying that there is no doubt at all. What you are saying is a fact.

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Ryoko says... ""
Hi Robbin,

Thank you for your constant post.
Especially the series of "頻繁に使用される英国句" are very helpful to learn British English.

I wonder if I could ask you that if there could be any chance you would recording all of the example phrases and burn CD, and I would buy the CD.

I have recently been listening to BBC learning English(RP).
However I still need to work on my listening to ordinary British people talking.
I would like to learn and listen to many useful phrases.

I am sorry for my impudence.

Thank you.

Fondest regards,
2013.10.26 13:15 | URL | #- [edit]
Robin says... "Re: loooong day..."
Dear Ryoko,

I am glad to hear that my Blog is helping you ~ that is so nice to hear :-) !!

I do not have a CD-burner, so let me put my thinking-cap on and figure out what we can do ...

Best regards,

PS: open to suggestions ~
2013.10.28 12:13 | URL | #j0wFYS7E [edit]
Ryoko says... ""
Dear Robin,

Thank you for kind reply!
I really appreciate it!
I'll put my thinking cap on too...

There must be the good way, I believe.

Podcast, YouTube, a Mail Magazine...

I think "charged podcast" seems good.

Hmm.. another....
I would say that:
1) You would record the phrases.
2) You would uploads the mp3 files on the somewhere(ex. your blog)
3) You would put user authentication on the page.
4) Only paying member can see the page and download.

like... http://geekyguidestoenglish.com/

How does it sound?
2013.10.29 01:32 | URL | #- [edit]

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