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10-14-13 JHols
So what did you get up to today? Once in a while it is so nice to have a long-weekend ~ I hope you took advantage of the lovely weather we had today and were out in the fresh air.

Did you go out for a drive or ride in the mountains or to the beach? I hope you had a wonderful day ~ see you tomorrow ...

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Ryoko says... ""So what did you""
Mr. Robin,

Hi, how is your weekend?
Actually I am wondering if I could ask you a question.
Unfortunately I cannot understand the first sentence of your post, "So what did you get up to today?".
What is the meaning of "So what"?
I am sorry for bothering you.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Thank you.

Best regards,
2013.10.20 19:08 | URL | #mQop/nM. [edit]
Robin says... ""
Hello Ryoko,

I am doing great, thanks ~ I hope you are, too?

"So what did you get up to?" --> And what did you do?

'So' makes the overall meaning a little softer and similar to an actual 'conversation', rather than simply being in the 'written form', which can sometimes sound 'hard'.

Best regards,
2013.10.20 19:22 | URL | #j0wFYS7E [edit]

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