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11-4-13 Double-words

Expressions with repeated words

There are many colloquial phrases in English that repeat words. Unfortunately, most ‘spell-checkers’ don’t recognise them and treat them all as errors...

Ten Expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing
1) Tut tut
2) Now now
3) Knock knock
4) Chop chop
5) Hear hear
6) Aye aye
7) There there
8) So-so
9) Fifty-fifty
10) Well well

How To Use These Phrases In Your English
1) Phrase 1 shows fairly strong disapproval of an action or something said.
2) Phrase 2 shows more gentle disapproval.
3) Phrase 3 is meant to correspond to the sound made when knocking on a door. It is also used at the start of every 'knock-knock joke' of which there are many.
4) Phrase 4 is used to say that we want somebody to hurry.
5) Phrase 5 is used to show strong agreement during a debate. This phrase is often used by UK politicians in the UK parliament.
6) Phrase 6 is an informal and slightly old-fashioned way of saying yes.
7) Phrase 7 is used to comfort somebody unhappy or crying - often used for children.
8) Phrase 8 is used to show that something is of only moderate or mediocre quality.
9) Phrase 9 is often used to show and even mix or that there is a fifty percent chance that something will happen.
10) Phrase 10 is used to show mild surprise.

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