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~ 頻繁に使用される英国句 ~ Useful English phrases to know and use ~ “UK CLOTHES AND FASHION”

11-9-13 Clothes
UK clothes and fashion

Britain is not the most famous country in the world for fashion but there are some special kinds of clothes and fashion items that you will see on every British street ~ do you know these...?

Ten Expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing
1) A pair of trainers
2) A hoodie / hooded top
3) Surf shorts
4) Combats
5) Anorak
6) Waistcoat
7) Faded jeans
8) Nose studs / Piercings
9) Bare midriff
10) Doc Martens

How To Use These Phrases In Your English
1) In phrase 1, "trainers" is the UK word for athletic shoes, which are known as "sneakers" in the US.
2) In phrase 2 a "hoodie" is a thick shirt with a hood to cover your head. Many people in the UK connect them with street crime because you can use the hood to hide your identity from CCTV cameras.
3) In phrase 3, "surf shorts" are long shorts that come down to your knees.
4) In 5, "combats" is an abbreviation of "combat trousers". They are loose-fitting trousers with many pockets.
5) In 5, and "anorak" is a waterproof coat with a hood. Some people think this is very unfashionable but they are common.
6) In 6, a "waistcoat" is like a smart jacket with no sleeves. In the past, people wore them under a suit or as part of a waiter's uniform. Now they are fashionable as normal clothes.
7) In 7, jeans are "faded" when you wash them many times until the colour is very light. Nowadays people buy them looking like this.
8) In 8, "a nose stud" is like an earring in a person's nose. This is very popular in the UK with both men and women.
9) In 9, a "bare midriff" describes a person's lower stomach which is visible because they are wearing a very short T-shirt. This is popular with women in the UK, even when they are not very slim.
10) In 10, "Doc Martens" (or "DMs", as we call them) are a famous brand of boots that are popular with both men and women.

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