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11-18-13 Power

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and are ready to have a fabulous week...!?!
Going with this sentence, this week I will give you a bunch of “POWERFUL WORDS” to make your conversations and writing so much more amazing and “alive”. They are written in a way to help with the correct pronunciation ~ remember them and do use them . . .

1) Next-level -> to take something to a higher/better level
2) Eye-catchy -> something that ‘sticks out’ and catches your ‘attention’
3) High-quality -> higher calibre/merit/worth
4) Easier -> something that can be done smoother/with less effort
5) Striking -> something that is bold/powerful/outstanding/remarkable
6) Quick -> speedy/fast/prompt/swift
7) Ultimate -> the best example of something!
8) Killer -> this one has a lot of meanings/uses:
a person, animal, or thing that kills, esp. one that kills habitually or wantonly
killer whale
SLANG something devastating, difficult, hard to cope with, etc.
SLANG an extremely successful, impressive, exciting, etc. person or thing
that kills or has the potential for killing: a killer storm
SLANG very difficult, hard to cope with, etc.
SLANG successful, impressive, exciting, etc.
9) Tremendous -> something wonderful/special or large in size or scale
10) Ridiculous -> something that is clearly not true, silly or foolish

Check-in tomorrow for more “killer” words ...

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