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This week I will be giving you hints and examples of situations and questions that will help you when you go on holiday.

As you will be flying-out of Japan (or whichever country you live in), you should be fine with the language there ;-)  So, today let’s go straight to the scenario of Car Rental when you arrive at your destination ~ here are a few examples of what you can use or what you may be asked, so practice them now to make it easier on-the-day;

“Excuse me, where can I rent a car?”
“Hello, I have a Reservation under the name ****** ”

If you don’t have a reservation, then ask; “I would like to rent a car, what do you have available?” 無いなら "OK, thank you."  を言うて、次のカウンターへ行けばいい。。。
May be they will ask; “Did you make a reservation?” -> “Yes/no.”
“What sizes do you have?” -> “We have Compact, Medium, Full-size, Convertible, Jeep, Wagon.” --> “How much is a ‘Medium’-sized car? How many people can fit in it?”
“How long do you need it for?” -> “I need it for 1 week/10 days/2 weeks.”
“Here are some forms that you need to fill out.” -> usually your name, home address, local address, date of birth, driving license number etc.
“How much is insurance per day? What does it include?”
They may also ask you; “Who is going to be the driver? How many drivers are there going to be? Is everyone over 26?”

They will usually give you the prices and rules: “You need to be back here on *** by *** with the tank full of petrol (gas/gasoline). If the tank is not full, you will have to pay *** per litre/gallon.”

A good thing to ask is: “How much do you charge if I am an hour late, for example?” -> “We charge *** per extra hour.”

“Here are the keys, your car is over there/downstairs, drive safely and have a nice time...”
It is better to understand all the rules beforehand, so the more questions you ask them the better ~


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