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11-22-13 Power

They are written in a way to help with the correct pronunciation ~ remember them and do use them . . .

1. Stel­lar -> The definition of ‘stellar’ is relating to the stars or excellent.

An example of stellar used as an adjective is stellar light which means light from the stars.
An example of stellar used as an adjective is a stellar athlete which means an outstanding athlete.

2. Amaz­ing -> ‘Amazing’ is something full of wonder or excitement.

An example of something amazing is receiving 100s on every test during a semester.

3. Per­fec­tion -> ‘Perfection’ is the act or process of perfecting the quality or condition of being perfect; extreme degree of excellence according to a given standard

An example is a person or thing that is the perfect embodiment of some quality

4. Pow­er­ful -> Something ‘powerful’ means having a lot of strength, authority or force.

An example of something powerful is a violent storm that knocks down many trees and electrical lines.

5. Clever -> The definition of ‘clever’ is being smart or having the skills to do something well.

An example of clever is a builder who can construct a deck around any tree.
An example of clever is a magazine that speaks intelligently about politics and pop culture.

6. Phe­nom­e­nal -> ‘Phenomenal’ means extraordinary, highly unusual or relating to the unexplained or supernatural.

An example of phenomenal is a student who scores above a 95% on every test.
An example of phenomenal is the ability to communicate with the dead.

7. Incred­i­ble -> The definition of ‘incredible’ is something so unbelievable or so unusual that it is hard to believe.

An example of incredible is someone telling a story about an Emperor Scorpion sighting.

8. Boost -> To ‘boost’ something is to raise, push higher, increase or promote it.

An example of to boost is a man lifting a woman onto his shoulders.

9. Guar­an­tee -> A ‘guarantee’ is a promise that something will happen.

An example of guarantee is a document stating that a new barbecue grill will be repaired free of charge for the first two years after purchase.

10. Fan­tas­tic -> The definition of ‘fantastic’ is something imaginary, strange or incredible.

An example of fantastic is a three year old telling a story about a pink elephant breaking a window.
An example of fantastic is a dream trip to Europe.

Use these words in your writing and conversation, and it is 'guaranteed' that you will have 'fantastic' results...!

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