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Making hotel reservations and checking-in are usually smooth-going ~ they are very Customer Service-minded, so will often speak clearly and slowly. When you are talking to them - either on the phone or in-person - and if you need to, it is alright to ask them to speak louder or slower or to repeat what they said ~ NO PROBLEM!

There may be questions such as:

“Hello, how much are your rooms?” or “I would like to reserve a room.”
They may then say; “Singles cost ****, doubles are *** and suites are ***.”
“How many adults and how many children?”

Then you may say; “We have two adults and one child - I will also need a child’s bed” -> “How old/how big is your child?” or may be “Two adults” or “Just one”
Then they may ask; “Do you prefer a smoking or non-smoking room?”
“When are you staying? How many days are you staying?

“I need a double room for 1 week.” -> “Okay, one double room with a child’s bed, for 1 week ~ that will be **** ~ can I have your credit card number please... “

Some questions you may want to ask are; “Where is the elevator?” or “Where is the restaurant?” or “Where can I get a taxi?” or “Do you have a map?”
“Can I have a ‘Wake up call’ please?” -> “What time do you need it?”
“What are the hours of Room Service?”

The hotel’s front desk/reception or telephone service are there to help you, so go ahead and ask ~ they will be glad to help (that is their job). Thanking them and giving them a nice smile every time you see them is a good thing to do, as they will remember you and if you ever need their help again, they will be there to give it ...

Have a great trip ~


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