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~ 今日は何と“TIMELY TUESDAY”です ~

12-3-13 Time

Have you ever had a day when the ‘timing’ just seemed right? The alarm, the train, the meeting, the phone call, being there at the right time, etc.??

Today was ‘was of those days’ ~ being there to help people in numerous situations, in order to assist them and turn their “oh no!” day into a “yes, great ~ thank you!!” memory. Have you ever had those days?

Being there ‘at the right time’ to help someone is a wonderful thing. I don’t believe in ‘coincidences’ --> I believe everything has a ‘meaning’ but that is another story for another time ;-)

Anyway, I was coming home from dinner with friends in Ueno, when there was a big American Cadillac van standing on the side of the road with four young people looking up and down with concern.

We made ‘eye-contact’ and they asked if we could help, as their battery was flat.

Making a long story short, being there at the right time to help someone was such a nice feeling ~ I hope you are always there with an open Heart and an open mind, too.

“Timely” always has a good and positive meaning, so be there to help people when you can, as a little help goes a looong way to make someone’s day very special...!

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