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~ 今日は何と“Tasty Tuesday”です ~

12-10-13 2

So, how was today for you? I hope you made it through the cold and windy and wet weather that we had this morning ~ a nice cup of tea and something warm to eat will definitely have helped ~ if you were in Kasukabe, you could have joined me ...

We had a ‘Welcome Party’ today (+-20 people) ~ and enjoyed some special Indian curries, lemon rice and naan (made by yours truly ;-) and delicious desserts made by Sato-chan (pâtissier) (see us at www.naya-cafe.com). Having some yummy curries and home-made naans certainly helped to warm up things (so did the wine - ha ha).

Overall, it was a great day ~ I hope it was for you, too ~> what wonderful things will “Wondrous Wednesday” bring ~ see you tomorrow . . .

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