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When you are looking for something it is usually much easier to ask, therefore this will come in very handy, as you may often find yourself asking the way to the beach/Post Office/park/shopping centre/Starbucks/museum/theatre とか. The best way to start when asking someone, is to say; “Excuse me” -> that will get their attention in a nice and polite way...

“Excuse me, I’m looking for the *** ~ do you know how to get there?”


“Excuse me, do you know where the *** is?”

“Yes, turn right at the corner, go past the shoe shop and it is on your left-hand side.”

海外もよく建物とか何何店で右か左とかを使えます 〜 

There are a few ‘key words’ that are often used, so write them down and practice them, then you should be good-to-go when you are on holiday;

“Excuse me, can you point me to the nearest petrol station (gas station).”

“Excuse me, do you know how to get to the *** from here?”

“Excuse me, how do I get to the motorway/freeway/highway from here?”

“Excuse me, what is the best way to get to *** ?"

Commonly used directions are:
Around the corner,
Past the ***,
Take a Left at the Post Office,
When you get to *** then take a Left,
After you past *** then take a Right at the next light,
Take a Left when you come to the Stop sign,
When you see a church on your Left-hand side turn Right at the next street,
It’s right around the corner on your Right,
After 5-blocks turn Left,
After 2 miles turn Right at the hotel,
You will see it on your Right-hand side,
It’s across the street from the library,
It’s pretty far from here,
Go straight on this street for about 3 miles,
After 2 lights turn Left at the 3rd light,
From here go down to *** Street and turn left,
Keep going down this street then at the restaurant turn Right,
It’s up there just passed the house with the red roof ~

There are many, many phrases that can be used and they are all generally ‘descriptive’ in size or colour or building name etc. to make it easy to understand. If you do not fully understand what they are saying, show the person where you are wanting to go on a map and then thank them for their help.

Happy travels ...

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