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~ 今日は何とit’s a “Thrilling Thursday”です ~

12-12-13 Thrilling

What a wonderful day it is today ~ lovely weather; sunny, a nice clear blue sky and crisp fresh air. To add to this ‘wondrous’ day (do you remember that special word from yesterday?), there are numerous things all going on at the same time, making it a busy, yet thrilling day! What are you up to?

Check all the variations of the word “thrilling” and add them to your vocabulary list AND USE THEM...!

* breathtaking
* electrifying
* enchanting
* frantic
* gripping
* hair-raising
* miraculous
* riveting
* rousing
* sensational
* stirring
* shivering
* stimulating
* blood-tingling
* exquisite
* fab
* fabulous
* magnificent
* mind-bending
* mind-blowing
* rip-roaring
* wild
* wondrous

Use these ‘thrilling’ variations to enhance and expand your conversations and writing ~ they make everything so much more grand!

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