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Today I will cover easy shopping, bank and post office situations.

At the Department Store

There are only a few things that you will need to know and say -> here is a short list:

When finding things:

"Do you have different sizes for this shirt?"
"Where are your blue jeans?"
"Do you have regular T-Shirts here?"

"Where is the dressing room?
" or "Do you have a dressing room?"


When you see a shoe that you like, you have to find someone and have them bring your size out to you. Here are some ways to say what you want;

"Can I try this shoe on in a seven?"
"Can I get this in nine and a half?"
"Can I get this in a size six?"

If you don't know what your size is, they will take your measurement.

"I don't know what my size is?" or "I don't know what size I am - can you take my measurement, please?"

When you go to the register, you don't need to say anything but they might ask you some questions:

"Did you find everything you needed today?"
"Was anyone helping you with this?"
"Would you like to open a credit card? You can get 10 percent off everything today."

These are all 'yes' or 'no' questions, so answer appropriately.

At the Grocery Store

In the grocery store, you don't have to say anything except when you need to find something. Here are some sentences to find general items:

"Where is the fruit section?"
"Do you sell ice cream?"
"Where can I find batteries?"
"Where is the toothpaste?"
"Can you point me to the medicine area?"
"Where is the bakery section?"
"Do you have fresh seafood?"
"Do you sell postcards?"
"Where are the shopping carts?"
"Where can I find a shopping basket?"

At the Bank - Currency Exchange

"Do you exchange foreign currency?"
"What is the exchange rate for Japanese Yen?"
"Can I cash my traveller's cheques/checks here?"

"Today's exchange rate is 126 cents for 100 Yen."

"I would like to exchange 50,000 Yen please."

"50,000 Yen at today’s exchange rate is $630. Here you go."

At the Post Office

If you buy too many things and have to send them by mail, you can simply go to the post office. If you don't have a box, most post offices sell boxes.

"Do you sell boxes here?"
"Can I buy one of those large boxes, please?"
"What is the largest box you have?"
"How much is this box?"

Filling out the Customs form before going to the counter is the best thing. The first question they usually ask is how do you want to send it ~ by boat or air mail:

"How would you like to send it?"

"How much is it for air mail?"

If that is too expensive, then ask this:

"What is the cheapest way to send it?"

Because you are sending a box, they have standard questions they ask everyone:

"Are there any perishable food items in the package?Are there any fragile items?"

They also ask if you want insurance on the package ~ it is not that expensive so you can ask how much it is:

"Would you like to insure your package?"
"Would you like insurance?"

"How much is it?"

"It's $3.25."

After everything is determined, they always ask one more question:

"Do you need any stamps today?"

That is basically it -> simple questions and simple answers will get you through these situations => and don’t forget a :-) and a 'Thank You' ~ they go a long way!


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