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~ Christmas Countdown ... ~

I always thought it was strange/different why Christmas Eve was celebrated and not Christmas Day ~ read on ...

Back home in England (and most other countries that ‘celebrate’ Christmas), Christmas Eve is usually a calm/quiet day -> finish work early (if you’re working), do any last-minute shopping and wrapping, then go home and finish any final preparation for the big day ahead ~

But here (in Japan), Christmas Eve is actually a bigger thing than Christmas Day. One of my students (a Doctor down in Kyushu) commented that Christmas Eve is like a ‘celebration’ and not a ‘special holiday’, as such.

Since ‘giving presents’ is an important part of the Christmas tradition, and many companies or promoters or famous people tend to do those things on ‘Christmas Eve’ ( -> giving cake and other things), that is probably why people have copied that pattern and made Christmas Eve the more important day to celebrate.

Whatever your beliefs, I hope you have a wonderful Eve ...

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