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5th Jan 2014 ~ MAKE IT FUN ;-)

5th Jan 2014

Today this came up again and again, so I thought it vital to share it with you ~

People often say that I want to/need to “study” English. That however, is something you usually do at school or university in a classroom. If you are reading this, it is probably more related to “practise” rather than ‘study’.

Making things fun/interesting changes everything and it turns into an enjoyable experience. Use your hobbies as your base to practise; if you enjoy baseball, then look at a baseball site/watch a baseball movie/read a baseball magazine ~ all are ways to practise but make everything more enjoyable for you.

That goes for music, cooking, sports, photography, travelling, etc. etc. etc. --> use your hobbies to help practise your English and you will enjoy the way in which you improve in your language abilities.

HAVE FUN ... !

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