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6th Jan 2014 ~ EXAGGERATE! ~

6th Jan 2014

It’s interesting, as this came up this morning when I was talking with someone ~ he asked:

“How can I be more fluent?”
I asked this -> “Do you mean to sound more ‘natural’?”
“OK, then ‘exaggerate’ the way you talk.”
“Exagger... what?”
“Let me explain ~ ”

Yesterday I mentioned about making your studying/practising ‘fun’ ~ remember? (Make It Fun!) Well, this goes a little beyond that by showing more expression and realism in your conversation -> it is very easy and makes a HUGE difference...

Here is an example using the same words but in the second one you need to stress and ‘exaggerate’ the word more, as THAT makes a big, big difference in the way it sounds. Read on...

1) The coffee tastes really good.
2) The coffee tastes REALLY good!

Same words but by ‘exaggerating’ the “REALLY”, it makes everything sound so much more special and “alive”!
Try ‘exaggerating’ things a little in your conversations and they will sound SO MUCH BETTER!

Let’s talk more about this another time, as it makes such a big difference ...

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